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  • Dampf-, Wärme- und Prozessinstrumente
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    MIEBO Schlüssel Produkte, Marken und Technologien

    (nur für Export in Drittländer):

    Letzte Aktualisierung: 26.11.2018


    top 10 selling brands last 12 months:

    E+H, Endress + Hauser (Instrumentation/Field Instruments for all applications)

    P+F, Pepperl + Fuchs (Factory and Process Automation)

    VEGA Grieshaber (Instrumentation / Field Instruments for level and pressure)

    WIKA (Pressure and Temperature Gauges)

    Siemens (Instrumentation/Field Instruments, Control equipments)

    GESTRA (Steam / Condensate Handling, Boiler Control)

    Ashcroft (Pressure and Temperature Gauges)

    Samson (Control Valves with Actuator)

    ASCOnumatics (Flow Control Valves)

    HAUBER Electronic (Vibration Monitoring)


    Brands to be offered and sold in alphabetic order to top


    ABB Medium Voltage

    ACS-Control-System Measurement Technology and Automation

    Alfa Valvole Ball Valves

    Allweiler Pumps

    Angst + Pfister High standard technical components

    ARCA Control Valves

    ARI Control and Isolation Valves

    ASCOnumatics Fluid Automation

    Ashcroft  Pressure and Temperature Gauges

    AS Schneider Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds

    AUMA Actuators




    Bopp & Reuter Flow and Analytic Measuring Technology

    Bray Control and Isolation Valves

    Brooks Instrument


    Bungartz trt-coupled chemical pumps


    Comat Releco Relais Technology

    Crouse-Hinds by EATON / CEAG (News) Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas


    Den Holder  Flange Insulation Sets which include gaskets (type F, E or D), sleeves and washers

    DUK Dittelbach u. Kerzler Conveyor Belts Control Equipment

    to top


    EBRO Isolation and Control Valves

    ecom Solutions for Hazardeous Areas

    E+H, Endress + Hauser, (News) Instrumentation/ Field Instruments for all applications

    EKD Energy Chains and Energy Chain Systems in Steel and Plastic

    Elastoctec Chain Adjustors

    Elster Kromschroeder equipment for industrial furnaces

    Euchner Switches

    EWM Welding Torches, Welding Machines and Accessories

    Fafnir Sensors and Systems

    FRANKE Filter


    Gavazzi, Carlo Gavazzi

    GEMUE Valves, Measurement and Control Systems

    GESTRA Valves and Control Systems for Heat and Process Fluid Control

    Gossen Metrawatt Handheld Measuring Devices

    Greisinger (GHM Group) Handheld Measuring Devices

    to top


    Hach Lange

    Hainbuch Workholding Technology

    Heinrichs KOBOLD Group Measuring of Flow, Mass, Density, Level and Pressure

    Hansford Sensors Vibrating Monitoring

    HAUBER Vibrating Monitoring


    Honeywell Environmental & Energy Solutions

    Honsberg (GHM Group)

    HBM Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik

    HPS Solutions High Pressure Components

    Hydac Filtertechnology



    IGEMA  Measuring and Control Technology for Steam and Condensate Systems


    iPC Valves

    JC Valves

    Jumo (News food, beverage), (News pharmaceutical and biotechnology)

    to top


    Kieselmann process components and process plants for liquid media for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

    Kobold Messring (News)

    Knauer Laboratory Equipment



    KSR Kuebler / KSR Swiss

    KFR Level / KFG Level


    KROHNE Process Automation, Flowmeters

    Kuenemund Bearings, Seals, Linear Technology

    to top


    Lambrecht Weather Sensors

    Leine & Linde


    Linde Hydraulik

    Lutz-Jesco Dosing Pumps


    Markal Industrial Markers

    Meggitt/Vibrometer Conditioning / Vibrating Monitoring


    Meyle heavy duty MEASUREMENT

    Michell Instruments Due-Point, Humidity and Oxygen Specialist

    Micro Epsilon Sensors for Displacement and Position, IR Temperature and Colour



    Negele For Food, Beverage and Life Science

    Nexen Leading Manufacturer of Power Transmission Products


    OEZ Modular Devices

    to top


    Parker Hydraulik

    P+F, Pepperl + Fuchs Factory Automation

    P+F, Pepperl + Fuchs Process Automation

    Pepperl + Fuchs Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas


    Proxitron Sensors


    Rexroth Industrial Hydraulics

    Rexroth Industrial Filters and more economic Alternatives to other Brands (e.g. HYDAC)

    Reznicek & Hlach Force transducers and load cells

    RMG Gas Measurement Systems

    Rosemount Tank Gauging

    ROSS Premium Pneumatics

    1. Stahl Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas

    to top


    Samson Control Valves

    Schlegel Switches



    Schneider Electric

    Schroedahl   Control Valves

    Selec Electrical Measurements, Control and Protection


    Siemens Price Groups (special prices): 183, 250, 281, 325, 761, 12B, 2AP, 41B, 41E, 41H, 3NB, 3Z1, 8F1, 8L1, 8L2, 8L4

    Siemens Instrumentation / Field Instruments

    Siemens Valve Position Monitoring and Control

    Siemens Control Valves with Actuator

    Siemens Medium Voltage

    Siemens Weighing Systems

    Siemens Gas Analysers



    Stromag Industrial Brake Discs

    SWR Engineering

    to top





    Tosaca Safety Relieve Valves

    TR Electronic Rotary, Linear Encoders, Drives and Components



    to top


    Vector Valves + Walthon Weir Pacific (spares only)

    Vaisala Weather Measuring Equipment

    VEGA Grieshaber


    to top




    Westlock Valve Position Monitoring and Control

    Woelfel Automotive

    WIKA Pressure and Temperature Gauges

    Willbrandt Rubber Technology


    Zauner Automation

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    Special calculation supports and technical news: to top


    E+H Endress + Hauser:

    Technical configuration with Open Shopping Basket


    Product selection and configuration,

    SITRANS TO500 multipoint measuring system is used for evaluating a large number of temperature measuring sensors

    VEGA Grieshaber:

    80 GHz Radar,

    Plicscom with Bluetooth



    High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS): to top

    MaRe Instru-Control Ltd.,


    GLOSSAR: to top


    Principals of Explosion Protection


    Intrinsic Safety