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Programmable Logic Controller

  • Simatic S5/S7
  • Simatic S5
  • Simatic S7

  • Programmable Logic Controller, Simatic S5/S7
    Programmable logic controller, PLC, or programmable controller like Simatic S5/S7 are small computers used for automation of real-world processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines.

    Miebo Tech Export is reseller of German companies from different technological fields. We are open for partnerships with serious local retailers and agents in our target countries in East and South-East Asia and the Gulf Area for Simatic S5/S7.

    Please find an excerpt of Simatic S5/S7 products which can be purchased through us:

    S5/S7 Memory Card 5V Flat 16KByte - 1MByte
    S5/S7 CPUs
    S5/S7 Power Supply SITOP 2A - 20A
    S5/S7 Digital Output
    S5/S7 Digital Input
    S5/S7 Analog Input
    S5/S7 Analog Output
    S5/S7 Front Connector
    ET200 Eletronic Module
    ET200 Terminal Block
    S5/S7 Measuring-range Module
    S5/S7 Mounting Device
    SIMATIC Controllers
    SIMATIC Programming Devices
    SIMATIC Industrial PCs
    SIMATIC PCS7 Process Control System
    SIMATIC Distributed I/O
    SIMATIC Machine Vision
    SIMATIC Sensors
    SIMATIC Human Machine Interface
    SIMATIC NET Industrial Communication
    Micro Automation, PC-based Automation

    S5 95U
    S5 100U
    S5 115U
    S5 135-155
    S7 300
    S7 400
    TI 505
    Ram / Prom
    Profibus DP
    HMI / C7
    PG / PC -> AG
    Power Supply

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